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How to screen your yard drains

Yard drains are often overlooked as a mosquito development site.  They can appear dry but the drain tubes are often holding small amounts of water that can produce a steady supply of mosquitoes all summer long.   The images below will provide helpful information so you can screen your yard drains to prevent mosquitoes in your yard.  Share this information with your family, friends, and neighbors.

Helpful Tips!

  1. Locate all yard drains and add a piece of window screen or a foam insert starting in May, when the mosquito season begins.
  2. Check after any rain events to make sure water is not standing around the drain.
  3. If water is standing around the drain, remove the window screen or foam insert to allow water to drain and then replace it after all standing water has drained.
  4. Check screens for holes or tears once a month and replace them if any are found.
  5. Remove all screens and foam inserts in November, before the rainy season begins.

Download and Print

Download and print information (in English and Spanish) on how to screen yard drains to share with family, friends, and neighbors.

Cover Yard Drains-English-Spanish.pdf